lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014

D&D Monster Manual III

"Beetles usually feed on carrion, but monstrous varieties rarely pass up a warm meal." —D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Part human and part horse, centaurs are untamed warriors that revel in the glory of battle and the raw power of nature." —D&D Monster Manual 2 4th edition

"Demogorgon, prince of demons, is a two-headed monstrosity who commands the fear and respect of deities, devils, demos, and primordials alike."—D&D Monster Manual 2 4th edition

"Blue dragons breathe bolts of lightning."—D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Beyond the world lies a churning maelstrom known as the Elemental Chaos, where air, earth, fire, water, and energy crash together in an unending cycle of creation and destruction. Creatures of all descriptions live within this primordial realm, but none typify the nature of the plane as much as elementals."—D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Goblins are wicked, treacherous creatures that love plunder and cruelty."—D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Hook horrors drag victims to their deaths using their powerful hooked arms."—D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Lizardfolk inhabit swamps and marshes, feeding on local wildlife and driving off or killing trespassers entering their territory."—D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Minotaurs are fierce, bull-headed monsters that worship demons and enslave and plunder weaker creatures."—D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Purple worms are enormous burrowing predators that eat anything, living or dead."—D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Despite their bestial features, rakshasas are clever, malicious, and sophisticated."—D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

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