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D&D Monster Manual I

This is a personal project on stylized classic fantasy role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons monsters.

"Aboleths are hulking amphibious creatures that hail from the Far Realm, a distant unfathomable plane." —D&D Monter Manual 4edition

"Few monsters evoke greater terror than the dread beholder, an avaricious tyrant that fires terrible rays from its eyestalks". —D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Draegloths are fiendish creatures born of drow priestesses." —Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide 4th edition

"Bloodthirsty creatures that lurk in the depths of the world, driders are servants of Lolth gifted with a semblance of their god’s grotesque form." —D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Arrogant and perverse, the drow conspire to subjugate all who dont't revere their Spider Queen, the god Lolth". —D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Gelatinous cubes scour dungeon corridors and caves, digesting organic material they happen upon and expelling inorganic material after allowing it to pass through their translucent bodies." —D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Glabrezus are cunning brutes that use magic as well as brawn to slaughter everything that stands in their way". —D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Mind flayers use their formidable psychic powers to shatter the minds of their foes". —D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Golems are magically animated constructs created by wizards and other masters of secret lore to guard important places or treasure". —D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Kobolds revere dragons and tend to dwell in and around places where dragons are known to lair." —D&D Monsters Manual 4th edition

"A lich is an undead spellcaster created by means of an ancient ritual." —D&D Monster Manual 4th edition.

"Orcs worship Gruumsh, the one-eyed god of slaughter, and are savage, bloodthirsty marauders". —D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Infamous for its bad temper, an owlbear attacks anything it thinks it can kill". —D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Salamanders reside in the fiery regions of the Elemental Chaos". —D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"Animated by dark magic and composed entirely of bones, a skeleton is emotionless and soulless, desiring nothing but to serve its creator." —D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"A troll eats anything that moves, from grubs to humans, and is rightly feared for its ravenous appetite, feral cunning, and remarkable regenerative power." —D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

"An umber hulk burrows through the earth and scours the Underdark in search of prey." —D&D Monster Manual 4th edition

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